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Zero Hour Contracts

“I am thinking of employing a part-time member of staff for the busier summer months in my shop with a zero-hours contract. However, due to the recent disputes between Uber and Deliveroo drivers, such contracts have developed a bad reputation. How can I ensure that my new employee doesn’t become demotivated by the idea of a zero-hours contract?”


For seasonal workers zero-hours contracts are ideal!
The opportunity for such flexible employment is perfect for some. Therefore, it will depend upon the responsibility of you as an employer to ensure you are recruiting the correct person for the role. The recent reputation of these contracts has often led to the new employees thinking they will not get the benefits of ‘regular’ employees. However, zero-hours workers are still entitled to annual leave, the national minimum wage or national living wage (as appropriate) and pay for work-related travel.

Zero hour contracts work well for a large amount of people be it parents with a bit of spare time on their hands, students working around University or first time workers starting their first real job.

Therefore, at the beginning of your new worker’s contract it would be beneficial to take some time to explain the rewards of a zero-hours contract and the flexibility this can lead to in the working relationship and stop the workers debating to leave whenever they please. For younger workers it can be a ‘step’ into an organisation, which can sometimes lead to opportunities in the company.

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