Monday Myth Buster: Interview guidance

Question: Many of my friends have had claims brought against them for discriminatory questioning in interviews.  I am currently recruiting for a new sales advisor.  How can I ensure I follow the legal requirements when conducting the interview?

Answer:  Perfecting your interview technique can be a challenge! However, we are here to help with some simple and easy to apply rules to follow when in the recruitment process.

Top tips for avoiding discriminatory questioning in interviews:

1.            Ensure all staff that are taking part in the interviewing process have undertaken the correct training, as a potential claim can be brought against not only the organisation as a whole, but also the individual!

2.            Be sure to follow a consistent interview structure for each potential candidate.

3.            Avoid questions surrounding the 9 protected characteristics stated in The Equality Act 2010.

4.            Do not make assumptions about the candidate before questioning!

5.            It is often easy to go off on tangents when interviewing new candidates, but remember to keep the interview professional.

Remember an interview is to learn about the candidate’s previous experience, not their personal life!

Interesting statistic:

In a recent poll, more than 40% of women asked confirmed they had been asked inappropriate questions regarding their relationship status or family plans, compared to only 12% of men asked the same question.

If we can assist in your recruitment process, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Sekoya on 01872 306100.

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