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We all have mental health just as we have physical health and it can range from good to poor at different times. It is not surprising that both workplace environments and culture affect our wellbeing, considering how much time we spend at work or in the office.

Employers are aware that staff perform better when they are healthy, motivated and focused and research shows that when employees feel that their work is meaningful, they are supported and equally valued, their wellbeing is generally heightened, they are more committed to the organisation’s goals and, more importantly, they perform better too.

If you require further information on the benefits of a well-being programme in your business and how to promote well-being in your organisation, please contact us today, our specialist team are happy to help.

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If you have thought of anything else which is not covered here, fear not. We will cover it.  We have a wealth of expertise at our finger tips and are always on hand to help with any query you may have.

This month saw the soft launch of Wellness by Sekoya.

As HR professionals and lawyers we see the reality of life within a cross section of businesses. Both on the side of the employer and the employee.

Life is tough for people who are poorly and those who are unable to work because of their illness. We of course help employers to support them. However, we also notice that so much time is put aside to support those who are off sick that all too often, those who turn up are forgotten about or taken for granted. Over time those people become demotivated and there is a clear drop in morale. Those people will no longer volunteer to go the extra mile.

As a result, we have now put together packages that help to support everyone which includes those employees who aren’t off sick.

These packages are exclusive as we only wished to support a small number of employers at one time. This enables us to concentrate on providing them with an excellent service where they see results immediately.

If you would like more information on these packages, please contact us for more information: 01872 306100

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